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Friday, April 09, 2010

Children of a Lesser God?

Last week, I happened to visit Asha Kiran, a Home for rehabilitation of destitute and differently-abled children. Located in sector 46, Chandigarh, Asha Kiran is a government institution and like much else that has the prefix Govt attached to its name, this institution too is falling victim to official apathy just within one year of its inauguration.

Living quarters

I dont have many words to express what I felt, and how I feel about it now. Words, I guess, are inadequate in this case. Sadly, I am not a good photographer and I was in no mood to capture any images. But whatever photographs I could manage with my mobile phone, are given below:
Kids in their common room

Mobile VAS: The Growth Agenda: Watch Out for the Mother of All Auctions: 3G Licenses Set for New Revenue High

Mobile VAS: The Growth Agenda: Watch Out for the Mother of All Auctions: 3G Licenses Set for New Revenue High

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